Our firetruck – the early years.

20th Nov 2023, author: Tisha Spencer

1947 Central Fire Truck arrived in Moberly, MO on September 25, 1947. The cost of this truck was $7985.00 dollars. The first run of the new fire engine was made at 2:05pm Saturday afternoon September 29th, 1947 to put out a fire in bales of alfalfa at the alfalfa mill in the City Ice and Fuel Building.

This pumper truck played a large role in fighting many historic fires in Moberly during the 50’s and 60’s. Some of the fires this truck was used in over the many years of service were Temple Stevens store, the old ice house 100 W. Fulton Street in 1965, The down town fires, Forney Furniture Store in 1963, TG and Y dime store in 1966 and the tragic Randolph Tavern fire in 1968.

It seems this truck was reliable and may have been the number one truck until January 3rd, 1961. At this time the City purchased a GMC aerial ladder truck. The aerial ladder was then moved into station number one and the Old Central Engine would become the number two truck. Extensive damage was done to the aerial ladder truck while fighting the October 1966 TG & Y fire when a wall collapsed on it . This left Moberly with the old Central fire truck as the only one in its fleet. The City of Mexico loaned Moberly a fire truck until the aerial could be repaired.